Yoga Benefits for Stress

3 Ways That Yoga Benefits Your Body


When people think of yoga, they often think of either people twisted up like pretzels, or drinking thick smoothies for breakfast.  Neither one is actually what yoga is all about, although they both conjure interesting images.


People all around the world have experienced the benefits of yoga, and even beginners can reap the benefits.  For example, increased flexibility, relaxation, and better sleep are all yoga benefits that, in turn, allow you to cope better with stress.


Increased Flexibility


  • People, who do yoga, experience increased flexibility over time.


  • Don't worry that you might not be flexible enough, or that you're too old to start trying.  Yoga has been practiced for centuries, and everyone, young or old, flexible or stiff, can experience increased flexibility.


  • In fact, if you're a beginner, you'll experience a bigger increase in flexibility than someone who has been doing it a while, simply because you're not as experienced.  Some studies have shown that with as little as eight weeks of regular yoga practice, you can increase your flexibility by as much as thirty-five percent.  Imagine how much better you'll feel by being more flexible.




  • This is a big part of yoga, and one of the best ways to reduce stress.


  • Yoga teaches you to focus on the poses, your breathing, and to let other things go.  With practice, you'll find you can empty your mind of the many things running through it, and relax into your poses.


  • Studies have also shown that there's a decrease in the hormones that the adrenal glands produce when you feel stressed.  When those hormones are lower, your body develops a feeling of calm and relaxation.


Better Sleep


  • Another yoga benefit that many yoga practitioners report is better sleep.  Some people find that an intense yoga session that energizes them earlier in the day gets them in the right frame of mind for sleep later on.  Much like a good, energizing workout helps you sleep well, yoga can do the same thing.


  • Another option is to perform soothing, gentle poses before bed.  There are many books and videos available illustrating many poses you can do in bed, such as the “Happy Baby” pose.  By performing a few of these calming poses at bedtime, you can prepare your mind and body for a better sleep.


Yoga isn't just a fad, or a form of exercise that only people in other countries practice.  It's a centuries-old tradition that can help you become more flexible, relax, and sleep better at night.  And in this world, with its fast pace and high stress, can't you benefit from all three things?

If you need a kickstart to get you going, consider joining a yoga retreat. Retreats are an amazing way to relax, restore and reconnect back to your inner guidance and wisdom.

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Learning the language of Yoga

Learning the language of Yoga

The process of learning is the joy of living.

For me to truly learn something I must surrender to it, let it drown me,  let it flow over me and exhaust me till I start to embody it over time. It has been my experience that true growth in any form, language or movement comes through the ability to make yourself vulnerable in the not knowing. Growth comes as you allow yourself to make mistakes, to stumble, to not be perfect. There's a power in arriving and accepting the present moment whatever it may be. 

Your Body of Light speaks to you

Your Body of Light speaks to you

The thing about the inner light is that sometimes it is not so obvious. It isn't so sparkly or shiny and it doesn't radiate the way you expect it to.  Those days when you are struggling with the chaos of our fast paced living it is hidden amongst multiple layers of armouring, protected through your addictions and personas.

Presence and the Art of Stillness

Presence and the Art of Stillness

'What does Stillness feel like?' I pondered as I sat atop the incredible expanse of the mountain, Mount Shasta in Northern California. 

A cool breeze picked up just as the sun was setting leaving coloured streaks of orange and crimson hues across the sky. 

It took a while to sink into this breathtaking beauty. Granted that I had just come from a bustling city full of every imaginable sound from dawn to dusk, I felt that my body still ached with the remnants of this chaotic and hectic busyness. 

Why going on retreat is good for the soul

Why going on retreat is good for the soul

You are lying on a tropical beach in far north queensland, allowing the sun to bless your skin. The yoga teachers voice floats gently over top of the waves guiding you deeper into stillness and mediation. Sounds of the rainforest filter through as you allow your presence to castaway into the depths of the great barrier reef. Then you wake.