9 ways to Sleep better in our 24hr society

Having problems sleeping? Don't stress, your not alone. 

According to a Blackmores sleep survey, about 4.8 million Australian suffer from both stress and insomnia. Thats 76% of all Australians who are awake in the night with busy minds. WOW! That's one busy busy stressed out society!

Here's a few ways to help get some shut eye, improve sleep quality and reduce stress;

Use himalayan salt lamps

Salt lamps produce negative ions which help to keep you in balance and in turn help you sleep better.

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Do these Yoga Poses before bed

There are many yoga poses to choose from, but knowing the difference between the ones that energise you and the ones that calm you, can change a night's sleep dramatically.

To find out what they are click here;

Sleep naked

Not only does it make you feel sexier, it improves your quality of sleep.

Why else is it good?

Turn off tech

Yes that light before bed is disrupting your melatonin levels which are crucial to a good night's sleep. Skip the tech and pick up an old school paper book.

Here's why it helps.

Practice Pranayama, a Yogi's breathing technique

Harvard trained scientist proves an ancient yogi technique works for better sleep. Can't say we didn't tell you so.

60 secs is all it takes to fall asleep.

Practice these Yogi's tricks

Time to start tracking those thought patterns. At the essence of all yoga practices lies awareness. The real practice is not in how well you can perform an advanced asana but your attention to it. So put the Instagram away, start living your yoga and we promise you will be sleeping like a baby in no time.

Get practicing these tricks

Eat these foods

What foods have benefits that help you sleep better? 

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Get your boss educated. Better sleep equals better productivity.

One of main causes of sleep deprivation today is our workload. We work longer hours and skip on sleep to fit everything into our day. You maybe surprised to find that working harder, longer hours doesn't always equate to better productivity. 


Take a break. Go on a retreat

The best way to break a cycle and start a new habit is to dedicate valuable time towards it. Going on a retreat allows you the time to reset, clear out and start anew. A retreat isn't a luxury, it's an investment in your wellbeing. Better wellbeing, means better relationships, better productivity and most of all better sleep. For best results make time for a 5 day retreat at least twice a year.

Body of Light Retreat is your annual recharge in tropical paradise. Nestled amongst the rainforest you are bound to sleep soundly.