How to turn a negative into a positive


Sometimes life gives you lemons. You know the bitterness I'm talking about. Chronic pain, break ups, unexpected job-loss, loosing a loved one. The stuff that throws you into the thick of life's suffering.

This was me until recently. Until I decided to not be a victim of my circumstances any longer. To turn around what life had given me and make some damn fine lemonade. The results? An inner happiness that beats any external reality but thankfully I can also attest to an external reality that is extremely surreal at times and most definitely full of magic.

Without going into the stories of my story, here are the little Jewels of Wisdom that I have to offer you that hopefully can help you to shift too. It's not too hard once you get the hang of it, promise! But it does take dedicated practice.

So let's take a lemon.  For me this was two torn hips and a disk bulge in my lower back that at times meant I couldn't walk. It changed the course of my career and my life. Perhaps yours is something else. It doesn't really matter what it is, but that you feel bad, sad, angry, disheartened, depressed, lifeless, stagnant, numb. Less than ok. Or even just ok. It doesn't matter what it is but that you are trying to find a way to feel good.

Here's my recipe. Try it out. Add some of your own flavour.

1. See the lemon - Be with it as it is - don't try to push the feeling away. Let it have it's place to express itself. If you listen closely it has a valuable story to share with you. Just observe it first as an entity that is separate to your higher self. You are aware. You are present to what is. Recognise it as your inner guidance system telling you when you are out of alignment with your highest vibration.

2. Juice the lemon - Make some space in your life so you can process and juice it up. When you simplify everything and get into the slow lane you allow the feeling to have it's place. In my circumstance I went to Bali where I could work remotely and spend time moving gently.

3. Add water - cleanse the body, mind and spirit so you can get clear. That might look like meditation, perhaps some yoga or walking. Spend time in nature; almost everything gets better with fresh air and organic material around you. We are made of the elements, therefore it only makes sense that when we return to the earth, air, fire and water our bodies harmonise and resonate with the earth's energy. Try going on a retreat so you can really allow space to happen.

4. Blend in the sugar - no calories included. Sweeten up the juice a bit. So you have made space, felt into the sensation and now it's time to change the lens from which you view the reality. This is the most important part to sweetening up your feeling. This happens through appreciation of the sensation. It is here to teach you perspective. Without this feeling you would have no idea that you were out of alignment with your highest vibration. Can you begin to feel into what it offers you? Can you begin to see the gift that it is? With every circumstance there is always another way in which to view it.

Perspective is you showing up in the drivers seat of your life. You may not be able to control the circumstances but you surely can control how you react to it.

For me my circumstance gave me the gift of knowing what it was like to be limited in my body. As a yoga teacher who grew up practicing and always knew freedom in my body, it was extremely humbling. But without this experience I wouldn't truly know what it was like to be a beginner yogi or a person with limited flexibility. Now that I do, I am that much more qualified to teach from a place of authenticity.

When you focus on the sweet stuff of life, life gives you more sweet stuff. When you focus on the sour taste well you know what you get, more sour taste. So who wants to make lemonade?!


Written by Jules Ashby