Learning the language of Yoga

“The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

— Marcel Proust

Thus it changed for me when I turned 16. I found new eyes.

I moved overseas to live in a new country with a new culture and people who didn't speak my language. For the first three months I grappled with understanding simple words that were strung into longer sentences and jumbled phrases and expressions that left me totally perplexed. 

Some days I thought it was impossible to learn a new language. Other days I was happy if I could comprehend at least one sentence in an entire day. 

Yet over time, fuelled by my own passion and curiosity, I discovered that the challenge and mental exhaustion lessened. In learning a new language I started to understand the subtle nuances that are discovered and ripened with the practice of learning something new. 

“I believe deepening a yoga practice or any form of movement is akin to learning a new language.

These subtle nuances are also felt in the body and to fully comprehend any form of movement one must understand the breath, the breath in relation to motion and the sinking deeper into the presence of the breath. It is the unspoken language of the body. When comprehension occurs transformation starts and the layers start to unravel. 

In learning a new language one starts dreaming in it and a language "headache " can present itself as the brain rewires to a new way of thinking. In the same way our the muscles "ache" after a strong asana practice and it takes time to integrate it.

For me to truly learn something I must surrender to it, let it drown me,  let it flow over me and exhaust me till I start to embody it over time. It has been my experience that true growth in any form, language or movement comes through the ability to make yourself vulnerable in the not knowing. Growth comes as you allow yourself to make mistakes, to stumble, to not be perfect. There's a power in arriving and accepting the present moment whatever it may be. 

“The process of learning is the joy of living.

So take a deep breathe, take a moment to picture yourself in paradise learning a new way of moving, a new way of breathing, a new way of being. 

Create a space inside you that is open to learning and transformation by joining us for 5 days of yoga and creative movement in far North Queensland. 

Wherever you are at or whatever level you think you are is wherever you are. 

There is no right or wrong, no better or worse. Just the simple state of being and being in acceptance of that.

“Create your own language and discover what inspires you.


Your body, mind and soul will not regret this magical retreat we have for you in paradise. 


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Written by Angelina La Miette
Passion to love your life is contagious around Angelina. Her adventurous and dynamic spirit connects people to their own unique potential.  Angelina is a co-teacher on the Castaway Retreat. Find out more about her on the teachers page.