Why going on retreat is good for the soul


You are lying on a tropical beach in far North Queensland, allowing the sun to bless your skin. The yoga teachers voice floats gently over top of the waves guiding you deeper into stillness and meditation. Sounds of the rainforest filter through as you allow your presence to castaway into the depths of the great barrier reef. Then you wake.

The daily grind begins. You know how it goes. Wake. Check phone. Shower. Check phone.Yoga. Check phone. Shovel down food and coffee and check phone. Rush off to work. Work till the evening with barely enough time to eat, or breathe for that matter. Check phone a million times in between, rush home to put on dinner, spend time with loved ones and hopefully get to bed with all the to do lists done only to start again tomorrow. It can feel like a hamster wheel and you are the mouse that never stops. So much so that all you want to do in the morning is retreat under the covers.

What if you did get a chance to stop? What if you could pause life long enough to actually take a look inside? What if you could have some time to castaway? 

Most of us in one way or another get to this point. That's why we decide to go travelling. Travelling can be an amazing way to enrich your soul, get in touch with the greater world at large and to reassess your place within it. 

However the problem with travelling is by the time you have the space for it, you then have another long list of tasks to get through to make it happen. Not to mention how exhausting constant travel can be in itself. You go away to take some time out and then when you get back you need to take some more time to integrate the experience. A holiday to get over the holiday! Seems crazy.

These days we live in a world were we are constantly searching for the next big thing. The next country to visit. The next thing on the bucket list. Constantly striving and never arriving. Even our yoga practice becomes about some pose to achieve. When what we are really searching for is peace. A chance to look within and connect with our inner joy. To truly understand what it is that makes us happy. 

A yoga retreat allows us this space. A yoga retreat is the perfect pause in your ever so busy life. A chance to go within and deeply relax. The good news is you don't have to be an expert at yoga or meditation to join a retreat. Most retreats are tailored to beginners and seasoned Yogi's alike. On a Yoga Retreat you don't have to worry about your daily schedule. Past booking your flights, once you are at the retreat centre you can immediately start to remove the armoured layers and soften into your inner space. On most retreats a daily schedule is taken care of for you, including healthy food arrangements. At best the schedule will be optional so if you just don't feel like getting up in the morning, you don't have to.

Once you give yourself the space to unfold, magic starts to happen. Like any kind of detox there maybe a period of unravelling to discover what lies inside. But from this comes a transformation into a clearer and more connected version of you. All the while you are completely supported and held within the sacred container of the retreat space. Gently guided by the expertise of the teachers whilst you soak up the soul food of breath, clean air & clean living.  

The best part of going on a yoga retreat is the lasting effects that can ripple over into your daily life. This is a vacation that you can take with you when you return home. After practicing Yoga for a committed length of time, realising how good it makes you feel, you can be assured you will not want to stop. So upon returning you may revisit your practice with deeper insight and more enthusiasm to get really regular on the mat.

If you don't want to wake up and would really rather be lying on that beach in tropical North Queensland then join us, October 8th - 13th 2016 for Castaway Yoga Retreat, Mission Beach QLD. 5 days and nights of daily yoga, special workshops, delicious meals and plenty of time to relax. This is paradise waiting... 


Source: www.castawayyogaretreat.com