Your Body of Light speaks to you

The thing about the inner light is that sometimes it is not so obvious. It isn't so sparkly or shiny and it doesn't radiate the way you expect it to.  Those days when you are struggling with the chaos of our fast paced living it is hidden amongst multiple layers of armouring, protected through your addictions and personas.

And so we get dragged into the Māyā .

“Māyā is sanskrit for Illusion

Like the bright lights on stage, we are blinded by pretty pictures and shiny masks. Instagram photos and hashtag trends. We buy into this idea that something outside of ourselves will make us happy. We are swept into the tide of illusion, lost in it, taken in a direction that we don't deeply resonate with because deep down our soul yearns for a more truthful path with what is at the core of us.

So how do we get to that inner glow? How do we find our way back to ourselves? We start from the inside. Everyday turning inward to reflect and listen. Even if its just 10 mins a day on waking. Sit in silence. 

Listen to the beat of your own heart.

Listen to the rhythm of your own breath.

Listen to the music of your own instrument and your body of light will speak to you.

Written by Jules Ashby

Founder and Yoga Teacher at Body of Light