26th March to 1st April

Are you needing a break from your day to day routine?

When was the last time you looked at your own needs?

When was the last time you truly felt in connection with the woman you are?

Now is the moment to embrace the woman inside.


Our Extraordinary Venue

Honai Resort, a uniquely traditional Bali Yoga Retreat and wellness retreat in the countryside of Ubud, Bali. Honai Resort represents a modern interpretation of the traditional Indonesian Honai or round house.  The concept of the round circle conjures images of continual rejuvenation and renewal. The circle is infinite and limitless. Honai Resort incorporates this imagery into its very design, providing guests with the ultimate place to refresh their minds, bodies and spirits.  The resort is specifically designed as a retreat center, focusing on traditional therapies, spa treatments, organic cuisine, yoga and meditation. 

Your accommodation package includes:

*Daily healthy breakfast and vegetarian buffet lunch/dinner

*Unlimited WIFI Internet access

*Airport pick-up and balinese massages are available at centre upon request and additional fee.


Are you ready to Heal your Body and Transform your Life?

Join Body of Light Retreats for our 7 days, 6 nights women’s only retreat in Bali, with Atira Tan & guests. Together we will dive deep into feminine yogic practices, reconnect with our feminine power and wisdom, and transform old patterns to re-ignite the woman within.

With the spiritual backdrop that is Ubud, Bali we will be experiencing a combination of morning and evening classes of yoga and meditation combined with specialty workshops during the day.

All classes are optional and we have made sure there is time out to integrate and explore the beautiful island.

Your accommodation package includes

*Daily healthy breakfast and vegetarian buffet lunch/dinner

*Unlimited WIFI Internet access

*Airport pick-up and balinese massages are available at centre upon request and additional fee.


Our Social Change Model

“Paying It Forward”

We Believe That Every Girl And Woman Deserves To Determine Her Future.

As Part Of Our Feminine Social Change Model, This Retreat “Pays It Forward” To Assist Women And Girls From Nepal Who Have Experienced Sex Slavery And Exploitation To Also Receive Valuable Therapeutic Support And Education.

$50 From Your Retreat Costs Will Sponsor One Woman In Nepal To Attend The Women’s Life Transformational Program, Providing The Chance For These Girls To Live A Life Free From Slavery With Our Charity Partner Art To Healing.

The Immersion

In the last 10 years, the world has seen a dramatic increase in women’s menstrual health issues: One in three women now suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Endometriosis, uterine cysts and fibroids, painful periods, the list goes on to top it off with the newly invented women’s “disorder” in the DSM-IV: the Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.


We, as women, all have the power and the right to heal. We have the innate power to transform our lives, to live with the rhythms of our bodies and our cycles, to love ourselves deeply…and to embody this love within.

If you are suffering from any of the above, or if you feel a calling to know and trust your body in a whole new different way, this women’s workshop is for you!

In this 7 – day women’s immersion, through yoga, embodiment practices, dance, art therapy, meditation, prayanama and deep self-inquiry, you will learn how to:

  • Understand and live the spiritual and sacred gift of your menstrual cycle.
  • Connect to your ovarian energy, your womb and your breasts and heart energy.
  • Explore how you carry your feminine ancestral matrix in your body and reproductive organs.
  • Learn ancient sacred healing practices for women from the Tantric and Taoist traditions, to balance your hormones and endocrine system.
  • Reclaim the SENSUALITY, ALIVENESS and INTELLIGENCE of your womanly body.
  • Heal your relationship to your body and life.
  • Integrate womanly self-care tools in your daily life.

Daily Schedule

7am – 9amYoga Practice

9am – 10am

Breakfast Break

10am– 12pm

Workshop 1

12pm – 3.30 pm

Lunch Break

3.30pm – 5pm

Workshop 2

5pm – 5.30pm


5.30pm – 7pm

Yoga Practice & Meditation

7 pm – 8.30 pm





Atira Tan

Main Facilitator


Senior Yoga Teacher, Expressive Art Therapist (MA), SEP

Atira Tan is an inspired woman practitioner and powerful agent of transformation and change.

A deep devotion to the divine, and the rigours of her feminine spiritual practice of yoga and service, inform a deep desire to pass on this wisdom and knowledge, so that women everywhere will be able to live in freedom, love and power on this beautiful planet.

“Every morning my prayer is to open to love and to the divine, and to let that flow through my speech, my thoughts and my actions in the world.”

Hailing from Asia, Atira is a global citizen, a world traveler and seeker of truth, and deeply curious about the cross-cultural themes of feminine sexuality and empowerment.

She has worked for over a decade internationally in community organisations and international development as a consultant, clinician and supervisor, as well as an educator in community settings.

Her women’s health programs in the rural communities, brothels and slums of Nepal and India, have changed the lives of many women and children who have experienced sexual abuse and exploitation.

“In our culture, connection to our feeling body has been so suppressed. Reclaiming the feminine gives voice to our emotional self, to the body’s intelligence, and using that as the fuel for our social change.”

Atira is a model of embodied feminine leadership, and is passionate about empowering women to follow their authentic calling in the world.

Based in Melbourne, and now teaching internationally in South America, Asia and Europe, Atira is a yoga and meditation teacher (1000 YTT hrs), somatic experiencing practioner and psychotherapist, transpersonal and clinical art therapist (MA), public speaker, and author.

Jules Ashby

Guest Teacher


Senior Yoga Teacher

I consider myself so very fortunate to have been born into Yoga. It was my bonding time with my mother growing up.  Since then it has always been there for me during my training in theatre, dance and artistic endeavours, enabling me to call on its wisdom and always returning to it as my home. Like a child who learns and grows through the diversity of her experiences, I explored many different types of yoga and had many great teachers but no one guru, finding the best guru to be that who resides inside myself and in all beings that I encounter everyday and in every lesson I learn.

Starting with Iyengar in the 70’s other styles I have been blessed to experience include; Jivamutki, Classical Hatha, Bikram, Vinyasa Flow, Satyananda, Kundalini, Restorative Yoga, Power, Raja, Bhakti, Anusara, Yin Yoga, Acroyoga & SN Goenkas Vipassana Mediation.

Through travelling I began teaching. I was living in Ecuador and each morning I would practice on the beach. Before I knew it, I was teaching weary travellers and creating Yoga and Spanish programs. This then lead me into Indiawhere I received my teacher training in a beautiful ashram outside of Nashik called Yoga Vidya Gurukul.

I am a constant student and some of my recent inspirations and trainings have been with BodyMindLife in Sydney, Shannon Gannon and David Life, Jasmine Tarkeshi, Katie Manitsas, Shiva Rea, Chanel Luck, Tiffany Cruikshank, Tara Judelle and of course the Acroyoga monkeys, Jason Nemer, Jenny Sauer-Klein, Pau Castellsague, Alexander Ruiz.

In a class with me you will find a floating playlist, a focus on alignment and breath, flow and stillness, joy and silliness, a fusion of philosophy, real life application, science and art melting pot with elements of strength and softness. I encourage the dancer of life to emerge from within. My classes are constantly changing as I respond to you and empathise with you. 

Jules is a certified AcroYoga teacher & yoga teacher who teaches workshops and retreats internationally. 


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